World’s Best Investment Destination in 2017

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High Speed Rail HSR Malaysia Singapore

World’s Best Investment Destination in 2017

Which Country is 2017 World Best Investment Destination?

Why did Malaysia beat more than 80 countries to become the 2017 World Best Investment Destination?

Which Country is 2017 World Best Investment Destination… With the acceleration of urbanization in China, the aging of the population intensified, the first-tier cities were overloaded, and many home buyers began to shift their investment to the old-age home buyers. Europe and the United States have developed their country’s higher cost of living and cultural differences. The primary obstacle. In contrast, cultural differences are not, language and consumer level close to the people of Malaysia has gradually entered the line of sight of investors.

Recently, according to a survey of the best investment in the United States in 2017, Malaysia has successfully retreated nearly 80 countries in the world for its excellent pro-business environment and steady economic growth, making it the world best investment destination in 2017.

Best Country to Invest in 2017

Best Country to Invest in 2017


Best Country to Invest in 2017:

  1. Malaysia
  2. Singapore
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Denmark
  5. Poland
  6. India
  7. Thailand
  8. Israel
  9. Qatar
  10. Indonesia


Why did Malaysia beat more than 80 countries to become the best investor in 2017?

The survey was conducted by BAV Consulting, a New York-based strategic brand consulting firm, and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, with each country’s corruption, dynamics, economic stability, entrepreneurship, tax environment, innovation, labor skills and technical expertise. Direction as the main scoring standard. And synthesizes feedback from 20,000 participants selected from four of the world’s regions and concluded.

Malaysia in a total score of 100 points, with more than 30 points difference in the leading countries, to become a pro-business investment champion.

Dr. Yao Jinlong, a professor of economics at Sunway University in Malaysia, also said in an interview with the New Straits Times: “Malaysia ranks the leading neighbor of Singapore and will raise consumer expectations of China ‘s economic growth and investment prospects “


一带一路 The Belt and Road

一带一路 The Belt and Road

Red Line – Silk Road

Dotted Line – 21st Century Sea Silk Road


Malaysia, as an important node in the strategy of “one way all the way,” has added two new ports strategically, greatly seizing the resources of Singapore and becoming a well-deserved direct beneficiary.


Dataran Merdeka, KL Malaysia

Dataran Merdeka, KL Malaysia


More than 50 flights from Kuala Lumpur, hundreds of times a day, and so on. There are hundreds of flights to Hong Kong, Macau, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Kunming, Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing and Guilin.

Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta and Bangkok for 2 hours, to Oceania 5 hours, the development of external traffic coupled with the improvement of internal traffic makes the short-lived tourist population surge, to ensure a stable short-lived population.


Investment Pension is Correct

In January this year, the United States authoritative life magazine “international life” selected the world’s 25 most suitable for retirement pension national rankings, Malaysia became the world’s fourth-ranked livable country, and ranked first in Asia.


Why did Malaysia beat more than 80 countries to become the 2017 World Best Investment Destination?


High Speed Rail HSR Malaysia Singapore

High Speed Rail HSR Malaysia Singapore


The eight main indicators for this ranking are: climate, rent or purchase of real estate costs, medical expenses, government services for retirees and public service concessions, cultural and recreational facilities, low living expenses and food consumption.

In this survey, Malaysia to a very high cost of life to get a lot of praise. In the full 100, Malaysia to adapt to the local ease, entertainment facilities, infrastructure, medical expenses have received more than 90 points high score, the final ranking of 86.6 ranked fourth in the world.


Why did Malaysia beat more than 80 countries to become the best investor in 2017?

It is worth mentioning that the medical expenses of this one, Malaysia has a score of 94 points in the global lead.

Malaysian health care facilities are complete, all the size of the town are equipped with government hospitals and government clinics, private hospitals and clinics are also located in each community. The huge network of state and private health care providers provides great convenience for the health care needs of the Malaysian people.

Malaysian medical fees and Europe and the United States compared to a great advantage. Take the heart bypass surgery, for example, the United States spent about $ 130,000 in Malaysia only 1-1.5 million, only about 1/10 of the United States.

According to the London media reports, the Malaysian local medical institutions to provide patients with the cost of health checks, only the British similar examination 1/5.

And private hospitals in Malaysia will not be an additional charge for foreign patients, for foreigners are more at ease.

The economy continues to flourish, the environment is livable, how can the Malaysian housing prices rise?

Since 2008, housing prices in Malaysia have been rising steadily, especially in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, relative to other Asian cities, housing prices growth is very attractive.


Why did Malaysia beat more than 80 countries to become the best investor in 2017?

The rent is Malaysia is doing well, stable rental rate has been ranked in Asia and the world’s forefront, as the heart of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur twin towers around the real estate, the rental will be higher returns.

In addition, Malaysia to implement the Great British Association law, in accordance with the project cycle to collect the principal, 12 interest-free payment purchase, buyers can be achieved to rent a loan, easy to charity.


Why did Malaysia beat more than 80 countries to become the best investor in 2017?

Most importantly, although the real estate industry has been strong, but the real estate prices in Malaysia is relatively low, according to the latest price income ratio (20), Kuala Lumpur ranked 137, compared to many international first-tier cities, and even domestic first-tier cities Have to be much lower.


Asia Property Price Movement

Asia Property Price Movement


It can be said that the Malaysian real estate is one of the few in the world and is very suitable for investing in property.

With the personal wealth of people more and more abundance, more people began to look into overseas home buyers. There are more than a dozen large-scale housing enterprises, such as Vanke, Wanda, Greenland, Yihe, Wantong, China Construction, China Railway Construction and other large-scale housing enterprises in Malaysia large-scale distribution of real estate projects or to determine the investment plan, involving the amount of hundreds of billions of yuan. The next 10 years will be Malaysian real estate investment in gold for 10 years.

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Fully Booked! Neu Suites in 3rdNvenue Embassy Row by Titijaya fully booked during private preview event

Neu Suites @ 3rdNvenue Embassy Row at Jalan Ampang by Titijaya is fully booked during private preview event. Market still soft? The booking record doesn’t seems indicate that. What makes it so interesting and high demand?

This is the first launch in 2017 and this very successful event kick start the year with a bang! Seems the market is recovering and there is no sign of slowing down in property sector, looking from the outcome of this event. It could also be an early sign of recovery in the local property market.


Neu Suites 3rdnvenue Embassy Row by Titijaya Private Preview event

Neu Suites 3rdnvenue Embassy Row by Titijaya Private Preview event


The first phase of Titijaya Land Bhd’s 3rdNvenue project located at the Embassy Row in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur was fully booked overnight during last Sunday 12th January 2017.

According to a statement today, the developer had organised a private preview event on Sunday for existing customers to select their units from the 1,110 lifestyle office suites in the first phase.

The event received staggering reception as some customers had queued up as early as 4am on the preview day to choose and book their units.

3rdNvenue is a leasehold mixed property development with an estimated gross development value of RM2.1 billion, jointly developed by Titijaya Land and CREC Development (M) Sdn Bhd.

Sitting on 6.06 acres of land, the project will comprise four blocks with a total of 2,400 units of lifestyle office suites, serviced apartments and retail lots.

The first phase of the development has a total of 1,110 units across 42 storeys. The selling price starts from RM299,000 for a 430 sq ft unit.

Titijaya Land executive director Charmaine Lim Puay Fung said the positive response for 3rdNvenue shows the market’s confidence and strong follower base for property products by the company.

It could also be an early sign of recovery in the local property market, the developer said.

“With a prestigious address along Embassy Row at Jalan Ampang and surrounded by reputable malls, hotels, hospitals and various amenities, we are optimistic that we shall continue to receive good response for 3rdNvenue, while the strong branding of Titijaya Land also plays a key role in attracting a large group of buyers,” she said.

“We always believe that having the right product at the right location, combined with attractive pricing — are always the key ingredients of a winning strategy,” she added.

Lim noted that with the expertise and branding from Titijaya Land and CREC Development, the company is confident that the development will spur strong interests for commercial and residential properties within the prime area.

“We will work towards creating unique products that can drive the market demand and trend,” she said.

CREC Development is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Railway Engineering Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd, which is in turn a wholly-owned subsidiary of the world’s second largest construction company, the Hong Kong-listed China Railway Group Ltd.


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